View Source mix ecto.migrations (Ecto SQL v3.10.1)

Displays the up / down migration status for the given repository.

The repository must be set under :ecto_repos in the current app configuration or given via the -r option.

By default, migrations are expected at "priv/YOUR_REPO/migrations" directory of the current application but it can be configured by specifying the :priv key under the repository configuration.

If the repository has not been started yet, one will be started outside our application supervision tree and shutdown afterwards.



$ mix ecto.migrations
$ mix ecto.migrations -r Custom.Repo


Command line options

  • --migrations-path - the path to load the migrations from, defaults to "priv/repo/migrations". This option may be given multiple times in which case the migrations are loaded from all the given directories and sorted as if they were in the same one.

    Note, if you have previously run migrations from paths a/ and b/, and now run mix ecto.migrations --migrations-path a/ (omitting path b/), the migrations from the path b/ will be shown in the output as ** FILE NOT FOUND **.

  • --no-compile - does not compile applications before running

  • --no-deps-check - does not check dependencies before running

  • --prefix - the prefix to check migrations on

  • -r, --repo - the repo to obtain the status for