mix ecto.rollback (Ecto SQL v3.7.0) View Source

Reverts applied migrations in the given repository.

Migrations are expected at "priv/YOUR_REPO/migrations" directory of the current application, where "YOUR_REPO" is the last segment in your repository name. For example, the repository MyApp.Repo will use "priv/repo/migrations". The repository Whatever.MyRepo will use "priv/my_repo/migrations".

You can configure a repository to use another directory by specifying the :priv key under the repository configuration. The "migrations" part will be automatically appended to it. For instance, to use "priv/custom_repo/migrations":

config :my_app, MyApp.Repo, priv: "priv/custom_repo"

This task rolls back the last applied migration by default. To roll back to a version number, supply --to version_number. To roll back a specific number of times, use --step n. To undo all applied migrations, provide --all.

The repositories to rollback are the ones specified under the :ecto_repos option in the current app configuration. However, if the -r option is given, it replaces the :ecto_repos config.

If a repository has not yet been started, one will be started outside your application supervision tree and shutdown afterwards.


$ mix ecto.rollback
$ mix ecto.rollback -r Custom.Repo

$ mix ecto.rollback -n 3
$ mix ecto.rollback --step 3

$ mix ecto.rollback --to 20080906120000

Command line options

  • -r, --repo - the repo to rollback

  • --all - revert all applied migrations

  • --step, -n - revert n number of applied migrations

  • --to - revert all migrations down to and including version

  • --quiet - do not log migration commands

  • --prefix - the prefix to run migrations on

  • --pool-size - the pool size if the repository is started only for the task (defaults to 2)

  • --log-sql - log the raw sql migrations are running

  • --no-compile - does not compile applications before rolling back

  • --no-deps-check - does not check dependencies before rolling back

  • --migrations-path - the path to load the migrations from, defaults to "priv/repo/migrations". This option may be given multiple times in which case the migrations are loaded from all the given directories and sorted as if they were all in the same one.

    Note, if you have migrations paths e.g. a/ and b/, and run mix ecto.rollback --migrations-path a/, only the latest migrations from a/ will be rolled back (even if b/ contains the overall latest migrations.)