View Source EEx.SmartEngine (EEx v1.13.4)

The default engine used by EEx.

It includes assigns (like @foo) and possibly other conveniences in the future.



iex> EEx.eval_string("<%= @foo %>", assigns: [foo: 1])

In the example above, we can access the value foo under the binding assigns using @foo. This is useful because a template, after being compiled, can receive different assigns and would not require recompilation for each variable set.

Assigns can also be used when compiled to a function:

# sample.eex
<%= @a + @b %>

# sample.ex
defmodule Sample do
  require EEx
  EEx.function_from_file(:def, :sample, "sample.eex", [:assigns])

# iex
Sample.sample(a: 1, b: 2)
#=> "3"