API Reference erlmld v1.1.1



Generic record processor with support for batching and checkpointing.

Flusher behavior.

The default example worker, which prints events and checkpoints after every 10 records.
Given a path corresponding to an MLD .properties file, run a script with that path as its argument using erlexec, assuming it should run forever. That script should launch an instance of the MultiLangDaemon, which interprets the properties file and connects back to this node (one TCP connection for each shard owned by that MLD instance).
TCP connection acceptor. Accepts connections on Socket. Calls AcceptCallback from the acceptor process with successfully-accepted sockets (result ignored). Does not trap exits. Exits if an accept call fails. Sets some options before calling AcceptCallback.

KCL MultiLangDaemon worker (record processor) behavior.

TCP protocol handler implementing the MultiLangDaemon protocol (V1 and V2).

Worker supervisor. Workers are gen_statem processes launched using start_worker/2, which accepts a supervisor reference (pid or name) and an accepted socket.

Kinesis record aggregator.