View Source erlperf_file_log (erlperf v2.2.0)

Prints monitoring reports produced by erlperf_monitor to file or an output device.

When the server starts up, it joins {erlperf, Node} process group in the erlperf scope. If erlperf_monitor is also running in the same node, reports are printed to the specified device or file.

See erlperf_monitor for description of the monitoring report.

erlperf leverages this service for verbose output during benchmarking.

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-spec start_link() -> {ok, Pid :: pid()} | {error, Reason :: term()}.

Equivalent to start_link(erlang:group_leader()).

-spec start_link(Filename :: string() | file:io_device()) ->
              {ok, Pid :: pid()} | {error, Reason :: term()}.
Starts the file log process.