Dirty NIF based Erlang bindings for the ZeroMQ messaging library.

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Authors: Łukasz Samson (lukaszsamson@gmail.com) [web site: mailto:lukaszsamson@gmail.com], erlang solutions ltd, Yurii Rashkovskii (yrashk@gmail.com) [web site: http://rashkovskii.com], Evax Software (contact@evax.fr) [web site: http://www.evax.fr], Michael Truog (mjtruog at gmail dot com) [web site: http://mjtruog.veryspeedy.net].


  1. Overview
  2. Downloading
  3. Building
  4. Architecture
  5. License


The erlzmq application provides high-performance dirty NIF based Erlang bindings for the ZeroMQ messaging library.


The erlzmq source code can be found on GitHub

    $ git clone http://github.com/lukaszsamson/erlzmq.git


Build the code
    $ rebar3 compile
Build the docs
    $ rebar3 edoc
Run the test suite
    $ rebar3 eunit

Please note that to behave properly on your system ZeroMQ might require some tuning.


The bindings use Erlang's Dirty NIF (native implemented functions) interface to achieve the best performance.


The project is released under the MIT license.

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