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@spec block_number(String.t()) :: {:error, any()} | {:ok, integer()}

See Ethex.Blockchain.GossipMethod.eth_block_number/1.

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call(rpc, abi_name, address, fun_name, args \\ [])

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@spec call(String.t(), String.t(), String.t(), String.t(), list()) ::
  {:ok, list()} | {:error, any()}


@spec create_wallet() :: map()

See Ethex.Account.Wallet.create/0.

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@spec create_wallet(String.t()) :: map()

See Ethex.Account.Wallet.create/1.

@spec decode(list(), [ABI.FunctionSelector.t(), ...]) :: list()

See Ethex.Abi.Event.decode/2.

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decode_log(log, selector)

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@spec decode_log(map(), ABI.FunctionSelector.t()) :: map()

See Ethex.Abi.Event.decode_log/2.

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gen_block_range(rpc, last_block)

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@spec gen_block_range(String.t(), non_neg_integer() | String.t()) ::
  {:ok, non_neg_integer(), map()} | {:error, any()}

See Ethex.Abi.Event.gen_block_range/2.

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get_logs_and_decode(rpc, abi_name, filter)

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@spec get_logs_and_decode(String.t(), String.t(), map()) ::
  {:error, any()} | {:ok, list()}

See Ethex.Abi.Event.get_logs_and_decode/3.

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@spec get_selectors_by_name(String.t()) :: {:ok, list()} | {:error, :not_found}

See Ethex.Abi.Abi.get_selectors_by_name/1.

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register_abi(name, abi_file_path)

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@spec register_abi(String.t(), any()) :: :ok | :error

See Ethex.Abi.Abi.register_abi/2.