API Reference EventStore v1.4.0



EventStore allows you to define one or more event store modules to append, read, and subscribe to streams of events.

Provides access to the EventStore configuration.

EventData contains the data for a single event before being persisted to storage

A serializer that uses the JSON format.

Serialize to/from PostgreSQL's native jsonb format.

A page of results from a paginated query.

Pub/sub using Elixir's local Registry module.

EventStore.RecordedEvent contains the persisted data and metadata for a single event.

Specification of a serializer to convert between an Elixir term and its representation in the database.

Task to create the EventStore

Task to drop the EventStore database.

Task to initalize the EventStore database

Task to migrate EventStore

Task to show the migration status of EventStore

A serializer that uses Erlang's external term format (http://erlang.org/doc/apps/erts/erl_ext_dist.html)

Conveniences for writing EventStore related Mix tasks.


Mix Tasks

Create the database for the EventStore.

Drop the database for the EventStore.

Initialize the database for the EventStore.

Migrate an existing EventStore database.

Show the migration status of an existing EventStore database.