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perform(operation, config)

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An operation to perform on AWS

This module defines a protocol for executing operations on AWS. ExAws ships with several different modules that each implement the ExAws.Operation protocol. These modules each handle one of the broad categories of AWS service types:

ExAws works by creating a data structure that implements this protocol, and then calling perform/2 on it.


  data: %{},
  headers: [
  {"x-amz-target", "DynamoDB_20120810.ListTables"},
    {"content-type", "application/x-amz-json-1.0"}
  ], http_method: :post,
  params: %{},
  path: "/",
  service: :dynamodb,
} |> ExAws.Operation.perform(ExAws.Config.new(:dynamodb))
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stream!(operation, config)

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