View Source ExAws.Operation.JSON (ExAws v2.4.1)

Datastructure representing an operation on a JSON based AWS service.

This module is generally not used directly, but rather is constructed by one of the relevant AWS services.

These include:

  • DynamoDB
  • Kinesis
  • Lambda (Rest style)
  • ElasticTranscoder

JSON services are generally pretty simple. You just need to populate the data attribute with whatever request body parameters need converted to JSON, and set any service specific headers.

The before_request

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@type t() :: %ExAws.Operation.JSON{
  before_request: term(),
  data: term(),
  error_parser: term(),
  headers: term(),
  http_method: term(),
  params: term(),
  parser: term(),
  path: term(),
  service: term(),
  stream_builder: term()

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