ExKdl.Node (ex_kdl v0.1.0-rc2) View Source

The struct to represent KDL nodes.

Its fields are:

  • name - The name of the node
  • type - The (optional) type of the node
  • values - A list of the node's values, represented as ExKdl.Value structs
  • properties - A map of the node's properties, using binary keys and ExKdl.Value structs for values
  • children - A list of the node's children which are also ExKdl.Nodes

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t() :: %ExKdl.Node{
  children: [t()],
  name: binary(),
  properties: %{required(binary()) => ExKdl.Value.t()},
  type: nil | binary(),
  values: [ExKdl.Value.t()]