API Reference Money v5.12.1



Money implements a set of functions to store, retrieve, convert and perform arithmetic on a Money.t/0 type that is composed of a currency code and a decimal currency amount.

Functions to return lists of known, historic and legal tender currencies.

Implements a behaviour and functions to retrieve exchange rates from an exchange rate service.

Defines a cache behaviour and default inplementation of a cache for exchange rates

Money.ExchangeRates.Cache implementation for :dets

Money.ExchangeRates.Cache implementation for :ets and :dets

Default exchange rates retrieval callback module.

Implements the Money.ExchangeRates for the Open Exchange Rates service.

Implements a GenServer to retrieve exchange rates from a configured retrieveal module on a periodic or on demand basis.

Functions to manage the starting, stopping, deleting and restarting of the Exchange Rates Retriever.

A set of financial functions, primarily related to discounted cash flows.

Provides functions to create, upgrade and downgrade subscriptions from one plan to another.

Defines the structure of a plan changeset.

Defines a standard subscription plan data structure.