ExOpenSea.Assets.Index (ex_open_sea v0.0.7)

Return a cursor to a list of NFTs based on the specified filter parameters.

Auctions created on OpenSea don't use an escrow contract, which enables gas-free auctions and allows users to retain ownership of their items while they're on sale. In these cases, some NFTs from opensea.io may not appear in the API until a transaction has been completed.


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@type api_key() :: ExOpenSea.ApiKey.t()
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@type assets_cursor() :: ExOpenSea.AssetsCursor.t()
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@type error_reason() :: :parse_result_item | String.t()
@type params() :: %{
  optional(:owner) => String.t(),
  optional(:token_ids) => [String.t()],
  optional(:collection) => String.t(),
  optional(:collection_slug) => String.t(),
  optional(:order_direction) => String.t(),
  optional(:asset_contract_address) => String.t(),
  optional(:asset_contract_addresses) => [String.t()],
  optional(:limit) => String.t(),
  optional(:cursor) => String.t(),
  optional(:include_orders) => boolean()
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@type raw_payload() :: map()
@type result() ::
  {:ok, assets_cursor()} | {:error, error_reason(), raw_payload() | nil}

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get(api_key, params \\ %{})

@spec get(api_key(), params()) :: result()