API Reference ex_open_sea v0.0.7



OpenSea API Client for Elixir

Return active listings on a given NFT

Return active offers on a given NFT

Return a cursor to a list of NFTs based on the specified filter parameters.

Return information about a single NFT, based on its contract address and token ID. The response will contain an Asset Object.

Return a list of all the collections supported and vetted by OpenSea. To include all collections relevant to a user (including non-whitelisted ones) include the asset_owner parameter.

Return in-depth information about an individual collection, including real time statistics such as floor price.

Return a list of events that occur on the NFTs that are tracked by OpenSea. The event_type field indicates the type of event (transfer, successful auction, etc) and the results are sorted by event timestamp.

Encode parameters with multiple values for the same key in the OpenSea accepted format.

Encodes enumerable keys and values as "x-www-form-urlencoded". It encodes " " as "+".