ExOpenAI.Components.CreateChatCompletionRequest (ex_openai.ex v1.0.4) View Source

Schema representing a CreateChatCompletionRequest within the OpenAI API

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t() :: %ExOpenAI.Components.CreateChatCompletionRequest{
  frequency_penalty: float() | nil,
  logit_bias: map() | nil,
  max_tokens: integer() | nil,
  messages: [ExOpenAI.Components.ChatCompletionRequestMessage.t()],
  model: String.t(),
  n: integer() | nil,
  presence_penalty: float() | nil,
  stop: any() | nil,
  stream: boolean() | nil,
  temperature: float() | nil,
  top_p: float() | nil,
  user: String.t() | nil