ExOpenAI.Components.CreateCompletionResponse (ex_openai.ex v1.0.4) View Source

Schema representing a CreateCompletionResponse within the OpenAI API

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t() :: %ExOpenAI.Components.CreateCompletionResponse{
  choices: [
      finish_reason: String.t(),
      index: integer(),
      logprobs: %{
        text_offset: [integer()],
        token_logprobs: [float()],
        tokens: [String.t()],
        top_logprobs: [map()]
      text: String.t()
  created: integer(),
  id: String.t(),
  model: String.t(),
  object: String.t(),
      completion_tokens: integer(),
      prompt_tokens: integer(),
      total_tokens: integer()
    | nil