View Source ExOpenAI.Components.Model (ex_openai.ex v1.4.0)

Replacement Component for Model API responses This module was not part of the api documentation and got probably forgotten, so it has been manually provided by this package Rpresents API responses such as:

created: 1649880484,
id: "text-davinci-insert-002",
object: "model",
owned_by: "openai",
parent: nil,
permission: [
    allow_create_engine: false,
    allow_fine_tuning: false,
    allow_logprobs: true,
    allow_sampling: true,
    allow_search_indices: false,
    allow_view: true,
    created: 1669066354,
    group: nil,
    id: "modelperm-V5YQoSyiapAf4km5wisXkNXh",
    is_blocking: false,
    object: "model_permission",
    organization: "*"
root: "text-davinci-insert-002"



@type t() :: %{
  created: integer(),
  id: String.t(),
  object: String.t(),
  owned_by: String.t(),
  parent: String.t(),
  root: String.t(),
  permission: [
      allow_create_engine: boolean(),
      allow_fine_tuning: boolean(),
      allow_logprobs: boolean(),
      allow_sampling: boolean(),
      allow_search_indices: boolean(),
      allow_view: boolean(),
      created: integer(),
      group: String.t(),
      id: String.t(),
      is_blocking: boolean(),
      object: String.t(),
      organization: String.t()