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ExPesa :dollar: :pound: :yen: :euro:

Payment Library For Most Public Payment API's in Kenya and hopefully Africa. Let us get this :moneybag:

Table of contents


  • [x] Mpesa
    • [x] Mpesa Express (STK)
    • [x] STK Transaction Validation
    • [x] B2C
    • [x] B2B
    • [x] C2B
    • [x] Reversal
    • [x] Transaction Status
    • [x] Account Balance
  • [ ] JengaWS(Equity)
    • [ ] Send Money
    • [ ] Receive Payments
    • [ ] Buy Goods, Pay Bills, Get Airtime
    • [ ] Credit
    • [ ] Reg Tech: KYC, AML, & CDD API
    • [ ] Account Services
  • [ ] Paypal
  • [ ] Card


If available in Hex, the package can be installed by adding ex_pesa to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:ex_pesa, "~> 0.1.1"}


Create a copy of config/dev.exs or config/prod.exs from config/dev.sample.exs Use the sandbox key to true when you are using sandbox credentials, chnage to false when going to :prod

Mpesa (Daraja)

Mpesa Daraja API link: https://developer.safaricom.co.ke

Add below config to dev.exs / prod.exs files This asumes you have a clear understanding of how Daraja API works.

You can also refer to this Safaricom Daraja API Tutorial: https://peternjeru.co.ke/safdaraja/ui/ by Peter Njeru

config :ex_pesa,
    mpesa: [
        consumer_key: "72yw1nun6g1QQPPgOsAObCGSfuimGO7b",
        consumer_secret: "vRzZiD5RllMLIdLD",
        mpesa_short_code: "174379",
        mpesa_passkey: "bfb279f9aa9bdbcf158e97dd71a467cd2e0c893059b10f78e6b72ada1ed2c919",
        mpesa_callback_url: "http://91eb0af5.ngrok.io/api/payment/callback"


The docs can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/ex_pesa.

Quick Examples

Mpesa Express (STK)

  iex> ExPesa.Mpesa.Stk.request(%{amount: 10, phone: "254724540000", reference: "reference", description: "description"})
        "CheckoutRequestID" => "ws_CO_010320202011179845",
        "CustomerMessage" => "Success. Request accepted for processing",
        "MerchantRequestID" => "25558-10595705-4",
        "ResponseCode" => "0",
        "ResponseDescription" => "Success. Request accepted for processing"


If you'd like to contribute, start by searching through the issues and pull requests to see whether someone else has raised a similar idea or question. If you don't see your idea listed, Open an issue.

Check the Contribution guide on how to contribute.


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ExPesa is released under MIT License