Getting Started

Project Setup

To use ExRerun with your projects, edit your mix.exs file and add it as a dependency.

defp deps do
  [{:ex_rerun, "~> 0.1", only: :dev}]

What is ExRerun

ExRerun is a package that is monitors your Elixir, and other source files, while you are develop your application and then reruns a set of mix tasks whenever a source file is added, deleted, or changed.


It is possible to configure ex_rerun using the following parameters:

Note: the example below shows the default values.

config :ex_rerun,
  scan_interval: 4000,
  silent: false,
  elm: false,
  test: false,
  escript: false,
  paths: ["lib", "priv"],
  file_types: [".ex", ".exs", ".eex", ".json"]


  • scan_interval specifies the number of ms to wait between rerun checks,
  • silent toggles whether to print every time ex_rerun recompiles,
  • elm toggles whether to run the elm compilation task on recompile, requires elm_compile to be installed as a project dependency,
  • test toggles whether to also run mix test after each recompilation,
  • escript toggles whether to run the escript compilation task on recompile,
  • paths lists which folders to monitor, and
  • file_types lists which files that will trigger a rerun when changed.