Thinkific.Model.ProductResponse (Thinkific API SDK v0.1.3)

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t() :: %Thinkific.Model.ProductResponse{
  card_image_url: String.t(),
  collection_ids: [float()],
  created_at: DateTime.t(),
  days_until_expiry: float(),
  description: String.t(),
  has_certificate: boolean(),
  hidden: boolean(),
  id: float(),
  keywords: String.t(),
  name: String.t(),
  position: float(),
  price: float(),
  private: boolean(),
  product_prices: [ProductPriceResponse],
  productable_id: float(),
  productable_type: String.t(),
  related_product_ids: [float()],
  seo_description: String.t(),
  seo_title: String.t(),
  slug: String.t(),
  status: String.t(),
  subscription: boolean()