API Reference ExTTRPGDev v0.3.0



Documentation for ExTTRPGDev.

The CLI for the project

This module deals with the rolling of any and all dice

Module which defines globals like project paths

Module which enables interactions with the varying defined systems in the system_configs. Basically sytem_configs define what systems are available and how they should be interpreted, and this module is is the beginning of the interpretation.

Root module for rule system ability tools

This module handles the different ways of assigning ability scores

PointBuy specification for ability score assignment

Mapping of specific ability scores to cost for PointBuy ability assignment

Specificiation for different rolling methods for ability assignment

Module handling calculation of ability modifiers based on ability scores

Defines direct mapping of ability scores to their modifer values

A step is generally part of a series of step which taken in order can calculate from the modifier from the starting ability score

A spec is the base definition of an ability, defining its name, abbreviation, and description. Additionally this module provides helper methods for individual specs and lists of specs.

This module handles the definition of rule system languages

Definition of an individual language

Gets the general information for a configured system.

Module for handling a specific Rule System

This module handles the definition of rule system skills and caclulating their modifiers

The specific definition of a skill