API Reference Extractly v0.5.1


Provide easy access to information inside the templates rendered by mix xtra

Exposes the mix task as an escript for usage on non mix projects

Processes the extracted docstring according to %extractly%<directive>% directives

Implements the storage of DO NOT EDIT warning messages for languages and various variations.

Implementation of the BL around the message collecting agent Extractly.Messages.Agent

An agent that collects messages from all templates

This wraps Extractly's API by putting all messages to be logged to the Extractly.Messages module.

Mix Tasks

Mix task to Transform EEx templates in the context of the Extractly module.

This tool serves two purposes.


mix xtra [options]... [template]


--help | -h     Prints short help information to stdout and exits.
--quiet | -q    No output to stdout or stderr
--version | -v  Prints the current version to stdout and exits.
--verbose | -V  Prints additional output to stderr

--output filename
          The name of the file the rendered template is written to, defaults to the templates'
          name, without the suffix `.eex`


template, filename of the `EEx` template to use, defaults to `"README.md.eex"`