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⚠️ WARNING: This package has not been thoroughly tested yet, please report any bugs you run into. I will work on adding tests in the future but the version you are currently looking at with this warning was made in constrained time to use in a project


This package can be added to your Gleam project:

gleam add falcon

and its documentation can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/falcon.


This package has not been documented, have a look in the test folder for more examples.

import falcon.{type FalconResponse}
import falcon/core.{Json, Url}
import gleam/dynamic
import gleam/io
import gleeunit/should

pub type PartialProduct {
 PartialProduct(id: Int, title: String)

pub fn main() {
 let decoder =
     dynamic.field("id", dynamic.int),
     dynamic.field("title", dynamic.string),

 let client =
     base_url: Url("https://dummyjson.com/"),
     headers: [],
     timeout: falcon.default_timeout,

 |> falcon.get("/products/1", expecting: Json(decoder), options: [])
 |> should.be_ok
 |> fn(res: FalconResponse(PartialProduct)) { res.body }
 |> io.debug

// Output: PartialProduct(1, "iPhone 9")

Why should I use this?

You don’t need to, Hackney is probably enough for whatever you are doing but if you need a bit more configuration options or an axios-like interface, this is for you.

NOTE: part of the hackney bindings were taken from the official Gleam hackney bindings and modified

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