API Reference forage v0.5.0


Documentation for Forage.

Functionality to decode a Phoenix params map into a form suitable for use with the query builders and pagination libraries

Functionality to encode a Forage.Plan into a Phoenix param map for use with the ApplicationWeb.Router.Helpers.

The given association field is invalid for the given schema.

The given field is invalid for the given schema.

Invalid pagination data was used.

An invalid sort direction was used. Valid sort directions are "asc" and "desc".

A forage plan, which can be used to run paginated queries on your repo.

Utilities to help with search in PostgreSQL databases. Support for other databases may be added in the future.

Static assets for mandarin pages.

A protocol to display Ecto structs as either HTML or text. By default Ecto schemas generated by Mandarin implement this protocol.

Helper functions for Plug controllers that use forage.

Helper functions for views that feature forage filters, pagination buttons or sort links.