Formex v0.6.7 Formex.Template.BootstrapHorizontal

The Bootstrap 3 horizontal template


  • left_column - left column class, defaults to col-sm-2
  • right_column - left column class, defaults to col-sm-10



generate_input(form, field)
generate_input(_form :: Formex.Form.t, button :: Formex.Button.t) ::
generate_input(form :: Formex.Form.t, field :: Formex.Field.t) ::

Callback implementation for Formex.Template.generate_input/2.

generate_label(form, field, class \\ "")
generate_label(form :: Formex.Form.t, field :: Formex.Field.t, class :: String.t) ::

Callback implementation for Formex.Template.generate_label/3.

generate_row(form, item, options \\ [])

Generates a HTML for a field.


  • options - any options that you want to use inside a form template. It can be set by :template_options inside a Formex.View functions, or in the :formex config. For example, Formex.Template.BootstrapHorizontal uses options that stores columns sizes.

Callback implementation for Formex.Template.generate_row/3.