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Furlex is a structured data extraction tool written in Elixir.

It currently supports unfurling oEmbed, Twitter Card, Facebook Open Graph, JSON-LD and plain ole' HTML <meta /> data out of any url you supply.

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t() :: %Furlex{
  canonical_url: String.t(),
  facebook: Map.t(),
  json_ld: List.t(),
  oembed: nil | Map.t(),
  other: Map.t(),
  status_code: Integer.t(),
  twitter: Map.t()

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unfurl(String.t(), Keyword.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | {:error, Atom.t()}

Unfurls a url

unfurl/1 fetches oembed data if applicable to the given url's host, in addition to Twitter Card, Open Graph, JSON-LD and other HTML meta tags.

unfurl/2 also accepts a keyword list that will be passed to HTTPoison.