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GenRMQ is a set of behaviours meant to be used to create RabbitMQ consumers and publishers. Internally it is using AMQP elixir RabbitMQ client. The idea is to reduce boilerplate consumer / publisher code, which usually includes:

  • creating connection / channel and keeping it in a state
  • creating and binding queue
  • handling reconnections / consumer cancellations

The project currently provides the following functionality:


def deps do
  [{:gen_rmq, "~> 2.3.0"}]


Please check how to migrate to gen_rmq 1.0.0 from previous versions.


More thorough examples for using GenRMQ.Consumer and GenRMQ.Publisher can be found in the examples directory.


defmodule Consumer do
  @behaviour GenRMQ.Consumer

  def init() do
      queue: "gen_rmq_in_queue",
      exchange: "gen_rmq_exchange",
      routing_key: "#",
      prefetch_count: "10",
      uri: "amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672",
      retry_delay_function: fn attempt -> :timer.sleep(2000 * attempt) end

  def consumer_tag() do

  def handle_message(message) do
GenRMQ.Consumer.start_link(Consumer, name: Consumer)

This will result in:

  • durable gen_rmq_exchange.deadletter exchange created or redeclared
  • durable gen_rmq_in_queue_error queue created or redeclared. It will be bound to gen_rmq_exchange.deadletter
  • durable topic gen_rmq_exchange exchange created or redeclared
  • durable gen_rmq_in_queue queue created or redeclared. It will be bound to gen_rmq_exchange exchange and has a deadletter exchange set to gen_rmq_exchange.deadletter
  • every handle_message callback will executed in separate process. This can be disabled by setting concurrency: false in init callback
  • on failed rabbitmq connection it will wait for a bit and then reconnect

There are many options to control the consumer setup details, please check the GenRMQ.Consumer.init/0 docs for all available settings.


defmodule Publisher do
  @behaviour GenRMQ.Publisher

  def init() do
      exchange: "gen_rmq_exchange",
      uri: "amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672"
GenRMQ.Publisher.start_link(Publisher, name: Publisher)
GenRMQ.Publisher.publish(Publisher, Jason.encode!(%{msg: "msg"}))

Running tests

You need docker-compose installed.

$ make test

How to contribute

We happily accept contributions in the form of Github PRs or in the form of bug reports, comments/suggestions or usage questions by creating a github issue.

Notes on project maturity

This library was developed as a Meltwater internal project starting in January 2018. Over the next two months it has been used in at least three Meltwater production services. Are you using gen_rmq in production? Please let us know, we are curious!


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2018 - 2019 Meltwater Inc.