mix gettext.extract (gettext v0.18.2) View Source

Extracts translations by recompiling the Elixir source code.

mix gettext.extract [OPTIONS]

Translations are extracted into POT (Portable Object Template) files (with a .pot extension). The location of these files is determined by the :otp_app and :priv options given by Gettext modules when they call use Gettext. One POT file is generated for each translation domain.

It is possible to give the --merge option to perform merging for every Gettext backend updated during merge:

mix gettext.extract --merge

All other options passed to gettext.extract are forwarded to the gettext.merge task (Mix.Tasks.Gettext.Merge), which is called internally by this task. For example:

mix gettext.extract --merge --no-fuzzy

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Callback implementation for Mix.Task.run/1.

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Callback implementation for Mix.Task.run/1.