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GitHubActions is a little tool to write GitHub actions in Elixir. This lib is an early beta and is currently experimental.


GitHubActions can be installed as an archive.

$> mix archive.install hex git_hub_actions

Or, as a dependency.

def deps do
    {:git_hub_actions, "~> 0.1", only: :dev}

Create a workflow yml

GitHubActions comes with some default settings to create a workflow yml. You can run mix gha in a project root directory to create .github/workflows/ci.yml.

$> mix gha
* creating .github/workflows/ci.yml

The defaults are piv/config.exs and piv/default.exs.

Custom workflow and config

See GitHubActions.workflow for how to write a workflow script.

The mix task gha comes with the options --workflow and --config to use custom scripts. The config will be merged into the default config.

It is also possible to setup a ./.gha directory in your home directory or in the project root directory. The mix task gha.config with the options --gen-global and --gen-local will copy the defaults to the related location.

The configuration will be read from priv/config.exs and afterward updated by ~/.gha/config.exs and then by ./.gha/config.exs.

GitHubActions will search the workflow script in the order ./.gha/default.exs, ~/.gha/default.exs and priv/default.exs. The name of the default script can be changed in the configuration und input: [default: "my_workflow.exs"].