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A small tool to help generate changelogs from conventional commit messages. For more information, see conventional commits. For an example, see this project's

Roadmap (in no particular order):

  • More tests
  • Automatically parse issue numbers and github mentions into the correct format, linking the issue
  • A task to build a compliant commit
  • Validation of commits
  • Automatically link to the PR that merged a given commit in the changelog
  • A hundred other things I forgot to write down while writing the initial version

Important addendums:

A new version of the spec in beta adds a rather useful convention. Add ! after the type/scope to simply signal it as a breaking change, instead of adding BREAKING CHANGE: description in your commit message. For example: fix(Spline Reticulator)!:

The spec doesn't specify behavior around multiple scopes. This library parses scopes as a comma separated list. This allows for easily readable multiple word lists feat(Something Special, Something Else Special): message. Keep in mind that you are very limited on space in these messages, and if you find yourself using multiple scopes your commit is probably too big.


def deps do
    {:git_ops, "~> 2.4.5", only: [:dev]}


config :git_ops,
  mix_project: Mix.Project.get!(),
  changelog_file: "",
  repository_url: "",
  types: [
    # Makes an allowed commit type called `tidbit` that is not
    # shown in the changelog
    tidbit: [
      hidden?: true
    # Makes an allowed commit type called `important` that gets
    # a section in the changelog with the header "Important Changes"
    important: [
      header: "Important Changes"
  # Instructs the tool to manage your mix version in your `mix.exs` file
  # See below for more information
  manage_mix_version?: true,
  # Instructs the tool to manage the version in your
  # Pass in `true` to use `""` or a string to customize
  manage_readme_version: "",
  version_tag_prefix: "v"

Getting started:

mix git_ops.release --initial

Commit the result of that, using a message like chore: Initial Release

Then when you want to release again, use:

mix git_ops.release

For the full documentation of that task, see the task documentation in hex.

Managing your mix version

To have mix manage your mix version, add manage_mix_version?: true to your configuration.

Then, use a module attribute called @version to manage your application's version. Look at this project's mix.exs for an example.

Managing your readme version

Most project readmes have a line like this that would ideally remain up to date:

    {:git_ops, "~> 2.4.5", only: [:dev]}

You can keep that number up to date via manage_readme_version, which accepts true for or a string pointing to some other path relative to your project root.

Using this with open source projects

If you'd like your contributors to use the conventional commit format, you can use a like ours. However, it is also possible to manage it as the maintainers of a project by altering either the merge commit or alter the commit when merging/squashing (recommended)

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