This is a fork of Gleeunit that allows it to be called as a library/function with a list of test modules instead of just via CLI.

This is a dependency of Glacier.

DO NOT install Gleeunit and this fork side by side in the same project.

Gleam bindings to the Erlang EUnit test framework.

A custom test runner is included for when compiled to JavaScript running on either NodeJS or Deno.

Documentation is available on HexDocs.


Add this package to your Gleam project.

gleam add glacier_gleeunit --dev

And then call the gleeunit.main function from your test main function.

// In test/yourapp_test.gleam
import gleeunit

pub fn main() {

Now any public function with a name ending in _test in the test directory will be found and run as a test.

pub fn the_universe_test() {
  let assert 1 = 1

Run the tests by entering gleam test in the command line.


If using the Deno JavaScript runtime, you will need to add the following to your gleam.toml.

allow_read = [
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