Glacier’s gleeunit

WARNING: DO NOT install gleeunit and glacier_gleeunit side by side in the same project.

This is a fork of gleeunit that allows gleeunit to be both called:

  1. with one or many given Gleam test modules instead of running all of them.
  2. as a library function with a list of test modules instead of just via gleam test CLI.

The combination of both allows unit tests to be executed from glacier which figures out which test modules to run.

As a side effect you can run single test modules with glacier_gleeunit from the CLI.

gleeunit and glacier_gleeunit cannot be installed as a dependency at the same time, because:

This is a dependency of Glacier, an incremental interactive unit testing tool for Gleam.


Remove gleeunit and add this package to your Gleam project.

gleam remove gleeunit
gleam clean
gleam add glacier_gleeunit --dev

For further usage instructions, see gleeunit’s original

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