pub opaque type ObjectId


pub fn compare(a: ObjectId, b: ObjectId) -> Order
pub fn from_bit_string(id: BitString) -> Result(ObjectId, Nil)
pub fn from_datetime(datetime: DateTime) -> ObjectId

see birl!

pub fn from_int_list(id: List(Int)) -> Result(ObjectId, Nil)
pub fn from_string(id: String) -> Result(ObjectId, Nil)
pub fn new() -> ObjectId
pub fn range(from a: ObjectId, to b: Option(ObjectId), step s: Duration) -> Iterator(

can be used to create a time range starting from time a with step s, which is of type duration.Duration from package birl

if b is option.None the range will be infinite

pub fn to_bit_string(id: ObjectId) -> BitString
pub fn to_datetime(id: ObjectId) -> DateTime

see birl!

pub fn to_int_list(id: ObjectId) -> List(Int)
pub fn to_string(id: ObjectId) -> String
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