A package for a standard Colour type, conversions, and other utilities.

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✨ This project is written in pure Gleam so you can use it anywhere Gleam runs: Erlang, Elixir, Node, Deno, and the browser!


import gleam_community/colour
import gleam_community/colour/accessibility

pub fn main() {
  let foreground = colour.from_hsl(h: 0.858, s: 1.0, l: 0.843)

  let background_options = [colour.light_grey, colour.dark_grey]

  let background = accessibility.maximum_contrast(foreground, background_options)


gleam_community packages are published to with the prefix gleam_community_. You can add them to your Gleam projects directly:

gleam add gleam_community_colour

The docs can be found over at

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