Special: A module containing special mathematical functions.


pub fn beta(x: Float, y: Float) -> Float

The beta function over the real numbers:

\[ \text{B}(x, y) = \frac{\Gamma(x) \cdot \Gamma(y)}{\Gamma(x + y)} \]

The beta function is evaluated through the use of the gamma function.

pub fn erf(x: Float) -> Float
pub fn gamma(x: Float) -> Float

The gamma function over the real numbers. The function is essentially equal to the factorial for any positive integer argument: $$\Gamma(n) = (n - 1)!$$

The implemented gamma function is approximated through Lanczos approximation using the same coefficients used by the GNU Scientific Library.

pub fn incomplete_gamma(
  a: Float,
  x: Float,
) -> Result(Float, String)

The lower incomplete gamma function over the real numbers.

The implemented incomplete gamma function is evaluated through a power series expansion.

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