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Bindings to JavaScript’s built in HTTP client, fetch.

import gleam/fetch
import gleam/http.{Get}
import gleam/http/request
import gleam/http/response.{Response}
import gleam/javascript/promise.{try_await}

pub fn main() {
 // Prepare a HTTP request record
 let req = request.new()
   |> request.set_method(Get)
   |> request.set_host("test-api.service.hmrc.gov.uk")
   |> request.set_path("/hello/world")
   |> request.prepend_header("accept", "application/vnd.hmrc.1.0+json")

 // Send the HTTP request to the server
 use resp <- try_await(fetch.send(req))
 use resp <- try_await(fetch.read_text_body(resp))

 // We get a response record back
 assert Response(status: 200, ..) = resp

 assert Ok("application/json") = response.get_header(resp, "content-type")
 assert "{\"message\":\"Hello World\"}" = resp.body

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