I am primarily writing this to learn Gleam + the BEAM ecosystem, though I do plan on fully implementing all features.

I do not recommend using this for a “real” bot just yet - there’s still many missing events and it is not prepared for highly available bots yet.

I do recommend using this if you just want to play around with it and maybe even contribute!


Just so you have an idea of what my focus will be the next few weeks:

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Add Glyph to your project

gleam add glyph

Basic example usage

import gleam/io
import glyph/clients/api
import glyph/clients/bot
import glyph/models/discord
import envoy
import logging

pub type LogLevel {

pub type Log {

@external(erlang, "logger", "set_primary_config")
fn set_logger_level(log: Log, level: LogLevel) -> Nil

pub fn main() {
 // NOTE:  This isn't strictly necessary at all (including the associated
 // stuff above). It's included just to show the debug logging.
 set_logger_level(Level, Debug)

 let discord_token = case envoy.get("DISCORD_TOKEN") {
   Ok(token) -> token
   Error(_) -> ""

 io.println("DISCORD_TOKEN: " <> discord_token)

 // Create a new API client and invoke a function
 // Note: the intention for next release is to abstract these behind helper functions in the bot client
 // that way handlers can invoke them
 let some_channel = "1217259472096067625"
 let _ =, "", "0.0.1")
   |> api.create_message(some_channel, discord.MessagePayload("I'm alive!"))

 // Create a new bot and register its handlers, "", "0.0.1")
 |> bot.set_intents([discord.GuildMessages, discord.MessageContent])
 |> bot.on_message_create(message_create_callback)
 |> bot.initialize

pub fn message_create_callback(
 msg: discord.Message,
) -> Result(Nil, discord.DiscordError) {
 logging.log(logging.Info, "Got: " <> msg.content)


Further documentation can be found at

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