I am primarily writing this to learn Gleam + the BEAM ecosystem, though I do plan on fully implementing all features.

I do not recommend using this for a “real” bot just yet - there’s still many missing events and it is not prepared for highly available bots yet.

I do recommend using this if you just want to play around with it and maybe even contribute!


To see what is planned for a certain release, go to the Issues section and filter by Milestone.

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Add Glyph to your project

gleam add glyph

Basic Ping-Pong example

The following code sets up a bot that replies to !ping with Pong! and !pong with Ping!.

Note: any code related to the logging package below is not necessary, but may help us debug if you encounter issues.

import envoy
import gleam/erlang/process
import glyph/clients/bot
import glyph/models/discord
import logging

pub type LogLevel {

pub type Log {

@external(erlang, "logger", "set_primary_config")
fn set_logger_level(log: Log, level: LogLevel) -> Nil

pub fn main() {
 set_logger_level(Level, Debug)

 let assert Ok(discord_token) = envoy.get("DISCORD_TOKEN")
 let bot_name = "YOUR_BOT_NAME"
 let bot_version = "YOUR_BOT_VERSION"

 // Create a new bot and register its handlers
 let assert Ok(bot) =, bot_name, bot_version)
   |> bot.set_intents([discord.GuildMessages, discord.MessageContent])
   |> bot.on_message_create(message_create_callback)
   |> bot.initialize


fn pong(bot: discord.BotClient, msg: discord.Message) {
 let response =
   |> message.content("Pong!")
   |> message.reply_to(msg)
 let _ = bot.send(bot, msg.channel_id, response)


fn ping(bot: discord.BotClient, msg: discord.Message) {
 let response =
   |> message.content("Ping!")
   |> message.reply_to(msg)
 let _ = bot.send(bot, msg.channel_id, response)


pub fn message_create_handler(
 bot: discord.BotClient,
 msg: discord.Message,
) -> Result(Nil, discord.DiscordError) {
 case string.starts_with(msg.content, "!ping") {
   True -> pong(bot, msg)
   False -> Nil

 case string.starts_with(msg.content, "!pong") {
   True -> ping(bot, msg)
   False -> Nil


Advanced Examples

As I develop Glyph, I will do my best to keep Scribe up to date with examples for all supported features.

Further documentation can be found at

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