GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3TestCaseResult (google_api_dialogflow v0.66.2) View Source

Represents a result from running a test case in an agent environment.


  • conversationTurns (type: list(GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3ConversationTurn.t), default: nil) - The conversation turns uttered during the test case replay in chronological order.
  • environment (type: String.t, default: nil) - Environment where the test was run. If not set, it indicates the draft environment.
  • name (type: String.t, default: nil) - The resource name for the test case result. Format: projects//locations//agents//testCases/ /results/.
  • testResult (type: String.t, default: nil) - Whether the test case passed in the agent environment.
  • testTime (type: DateTime.t, default: nil) - The time that the test was run.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() :: %GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3TestCaseResult{
    | nil,
  environment: String.t() | nil,
  name: String.t() | nil,
  testResult: String.t() | nil,
  testTime: DateTime.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.