API Reference google_api_fcm v0.8.2


API client metadata for GoogleApi.FCM.V1.

API calls for all endpoints tagged Projects.

Handle Tesla connections for GoogleApi.FCM.V1.

Android specific options for messages sent through FCM connection server.

Options for features provided by the FCM SDK for Android.

Notification to send to android devices.

Options for features provided by the FCM SDK for iOS.

Represents a color in the RGBA color space. This representation is designed for simplicity of conversion to/from color representations in various languages over compactness. For example, the fields of this representation can be trivially provided to the constructor of java.awt.Color in Java; it can also be trivially provided to UIColor's +colorWithRed:green:blue:alpha method in iOS; and, with just a little work, it can be easily formatted into a CSS rgba() string in JavaScript. This reference page doesn't carry information about the absolute color space that should be used to interpret the RGB value (e.g. sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, BT.2020, etc.). By default, applications should assume the sRGB color space. When color equality needs to be decided, implementations, unless documented otherwise, treat two colors as equal if all their red, green, blue, and alpha values each differ by at most 1e-5. Example (Java): import com.google.type.Color; // ... public static java.awt.Color fromProto(Color protocolor) { float alpha = protocolor.hasAlpha() ? protocolor.getAlpha().getValue() : 1.0; return new java.awt.Color( protocolor.getRed(), protocolor.getGreen(), protocolor.getBlue(), alpha); } public static Color toProto(java.awt.Color color) { float red = (float) color.getRed(); float green = (float) color.getGreen(); float blue = (float) color.getBlue(); float denominator = 255.0; Color.Builder resultBuilder = Color .newBuilder() .setRed(red / denominator) .setGreen(green / denominator) .setBlue(blue / denominator); int alpha = color.getAlpha(); if (alpha != 255) { result.setAlpha( FloatValue .newBuilder() .setValue(((float) alpha) / denominator) .build()); } return resultBuilder.build(); } // ... Example (iOS / Obj-C): // ... static UIColor fromProto(Color protocolor) { float red = [protocolor red]; float green = [protocolor green]; float blue = [protocolor blue]; FloatValue alpha_wrapper = [protocolor alpha]; float alpha = 1.0; if (alpha_wrapper != nil) { alpha = [alpha_wrapper value]; } return [UIColor colorWithRed:red green:green blue:blue alpha:alpha]; } static Color toProto(UIColor color) { CGFloat red, green, blue, alpha; if (![color getRed:&red green:&green blue:&blue alpha:&alpha]) { return nil; } Color result = [[Color alloc] init]; [result setRed:red]; [result setGreen:green]; [result setBlue:blue]; if (alpha <= 0.9999) { [result setAlpha:floatWrapperWithValue(alpha)]; } [result autorelease]; return result; } // ... Example (JavaScript): // ... var protoToCssColor = function(rgb_color) { var redFrac = rgb_color.red || 0.0; var greenFrac = rgb_color.green || 0.0; var blueFrac = rgb_color.blue || 0.0; var red = Math.floor(redFrac 255); var green = Math.floor(greenFrac 255); var blue = Math.floor(blueFrac * 255); if (!('alpha' in rgb_color)) { return rgbToCssColor(red, green, blue); } var alphaFrac = rgb_color.alpha.value || 0.0; var rgbParams = [red, green, blue].join(','); return ['rgba(', rgbParams, ',', alphaFrac, ')'].join(''); }; var rgbToCssColor = function(red, green, blue) { var rgbNumber = new Number((red << 16) | (green << 8) | blue); var hexString = rgbNumber.toString(16); var missingZeros = 6 - hexString.length; var resultBuilder = ['#']; for (var i = 0; i < missingZeros; i++) { resultBuilder.push('0'); } resultBuilder.push(hexString); return resultBuilder.join(''); }; // ...

Platform independent options for features provided by the FCM SDKs.

Settings to control notification LED.

Message to send by Firebase Cloud Messaging Service.

Basic notification template to use across all platforms.

Request to send a message to specified target.

Options for features provided by the FCM SDK for Web.