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API client metadata for GoogleApi.PaymentsResellerSubscription.V1.

API calls for all endpoints tagged Partners.

Handle Tesla connections for GoogleApi.PaymentsResellerSubscription.V1.

Partner request for entitling the previously provisioned subscription to an end user. The end user identity is inferred from the request OAuth context.

Request message for extending a Subscription resource. A new recurrence will be made based on the subscription schedule defined by the original product.

A Product resource that defines a subscription service that can be resold.

A Promotion resource that defines a promotion for a subscription that can be resold.

A description of what time period or moment in time the product or service is being delivered over.

A subscription serves as a central billing entity between an external partner and Google. The underlying Google services rely on the subscription state to grant or revoke the user's service entitlement. It's important to note that the subscription state may not always perfectly align with the user's service entitlement. For example, some Google services may continue providing access to the user until the current billing cycle ends, even if the subscription has been immediately canceled. However, other services may not do the same. To fully understand the specific details, please consult the relevant contract or product policy.

Details about the previous subscription that this new subscription upgrades/downgrades from.

Localized variant of a text in a particular language.

The bundle details for a line item corresponding to a hard bundle.