goth v1.2.0 API Reference


Google + Auth = Goth

Goth.Client is the module through which all interaction with Google's APIs flows. For the most part, you probably don't want to use this module directly, but instead use the other modules that cache and wrap the underlying API calls

Goth.Config is a GenServer that holds the current configuration. This configuration is loaded from one of four places

Interface for retrieving access tokens, from either the Goth.TokenStore or the Google token API. The first request for a token will hit the API, but subsequent requests will retrieve the token from Goth's token store

The Goth.TokenStore is a simple GenServer that manages storage and retrieval of tokens Goth.Token. When adding to the token store, it also queues tokens for a refresh before they expire: ten seconds before the token is set to expire, the TokenStore will call the API to get a new token and replace the expired token in the store