Grains v0.3.7 Grains.Support.Cache

A grain to forward messages downstream and cache the last value it received.

This grain is meant for testing purposes, where another grain is to be tested.

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Returns a specification to start this module under a supervisor.

See Supervisor.

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handle_pull(from, cached_value)

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handle_push(msg, from, previous_cached_value)

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See Grains.GenGrain.own_full_name/0.

See Grains.GenGrain.own_name/0.

See Grains.GenGrain.pull/0.

See Grains.GenGrain.pull/1.

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See Grains.GenGrain.pull_with_tag/1.

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pull_with_tag(from, tag)

See Grains.GenGrain.pull_with_tag/2.

See Grains.GenGrain.push/1.

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push(short_name, msg)

See Grains.GenGrain.push/2.