Grains v0.3.7 API Reference


Grains describes data flow as a graph with interchangeable parts.

A %Bread{} is the compiled version of Recipe plus Grains that allow the Supervisor to run the processes and wire them correctly.

Debug version of Grains.Timer.

A Recipe describes the data flow between the processes.

A grain to forward messages downstream and cache the last value it received.

A grain to forward messages downstream.

A grain to pull message and forward pushed messages to a subscribing process.

This is a wrapper around :erlang.trace/3 adapted to trace the sending and receiving push/pull messages in grains. The Trace server has to be started before it can be used, either directly with Trace.start_link/1 or with start_supervised!(Trace) in tests.

Small function that help with debugging and testing.

A periodic timer.