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Definition-based national holidays in Elixir.

Online documentation


The package can be installed by adding holidefs to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:holidefs, "~> 0.3"}


To get holidays from you country you can use the functions on Holidefs module, like this:

Holidefs.between(:br, ~D[2018-03-01], ~D[2018-04-01])
# => {:ok, [%Holidefs.Holiday{name: "Good Friday", ...}, ...]}

See Holidefs doc to the complete list of functions.

Also, for all these functions you can give a list of options like this:

Holidefs.between(:br, ~D[2018-02-01], ~D[2018-04-03], include_informal?: true)
# => {:ok, [%Holidefs.Holiday{name: "Good Friday", ...}, ...]}

For the complete list of options and their meaning check Holidefs.Options doc