HTTPoison.MaybeRedirect (HTTPoison v2.2.1) View Source

If the option :follow_redirect is given to a request, HTTP redirects are automatically follow if the method is set to :get or :head and the response's status_code is 301, 302 or 307.

If the method is set to :post, then the only status_code that get's automatically followed is 303.

If any other method or status_code is returned, then this struct is returned in place of a HTTPoison.Response or HTTPoison.AsyncResponse, containing the redirect_url to allow you to optionally re-request with the method set to :get.

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t() :: %HTTPoison.MaybeRedirect{
  headers: list(),
  redirect_url: HTTPoison.Request.url(),
  request: HTTPoison.Request.t(),
  request_url: HTTPoison.Request.url(),
  status_code: integer()