A package for creating helpful, and pretty CLI messages.

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✨ This project is written in pure Gleam so you can use it anywhere Gleam runs: Erlang, Elixir, Node, Deno, and the browser!

error: mismatched types
  ┌─ example.gleam:2:3
  │ let a =
2 │   1 + "hello"
  │   ~~~~~~~~~~~

expected type `Num` got type `Str`

Quick start

import gleam/io
import hug

pub fn main() {
  let source = "let six = 5 + 1.0"

   |> hug.error(
     in: "example.gleam",
     from: #(1, 10),
     to: #(1, 17),
     message: "invalid type",
     hint: "can not add an `Int` to a `Float`"
   |> io.println_error()


If available on Hex this package can be added to your Gleam project:

gleam add hug

and its documentation can be found at

Why hug?

The name hug is inspired by Mark Rendle’s talk The Worst Programming Language Ever where he refers error messages in Rust as “a hug from the compiler”.

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