View Source HypeLib (HypeLib v2.2.0)

HypeLib is the internal Elixir framework of HypeRate which is used across all Elixir related repositories.





The HypeLib library contains a "prelude" module for saving code when it comes to importing frequently used modules.

For example would a simple "use" call import TypeCheck and require the Erlang logger.

defmodule MyModule do
  use HypeLib.Prelude

  # Use TypeCheck for runtime-based type checks
  # The `add` function will be wrapped around a special function
  # which checks if both arguments (a and b) are numbers (an integer or float).
  # It also checks if the returned value is of type number.
  @spec! add(a :: number(), b :: number()) :: number()
  def add(a, b), do: a + b