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Knuth–Liang Hyphenation.

gleam add hyphenation
import gleam/string
import gleam/list
import gleam/io

import hyphenation
import hyphenation/language

pub fn main() {
 let word = "hyphenation"

 let hyphenator = hyphenation.hyphenator(language.EnglishUS)

 hyphenation.hyphenate(word, hyphenator)
 |> io.debug
 // ["hy", "phen", "ation"]

 let text =
   "Gleam is a friendly language for building type-safe systems that scale!
The power of a type system, the expressiveness of functional programming,
and the reliability of the highly concurrent, fault tolerant Erlang runtime,
with a familiar and modern syntax."

 |> string.split(" ")
 |> list.map(hyphenation.hyphenate_delim(_, hyphenator, "‧"))
 |> string.join(" ")
 |> io.print
 // "Gleam is a friendly lan‧guage for build‧ing type‧-safe sys‧tems that scale!
 // The power of a type sys‧tem, the ex‧pres‧sive‧ness of func‧tional pro‧gram‧ming,
 // and the re‧li‧a‧bil‧ity of the highly con‧cur‧rent, fault tol‧er‧ant Er‧lang run‧time,
 // with a fa‧mil‧iar and mod‧ern syn‧tax."

Further documentation can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/hyphenation.


Run download_patterns.sh to download all TeX patterns.

Then gleam run -m codegen to update generated gleam files.


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