API Reference imagine_cms v6.3.5


Convenience functions for dealing with function option handling.

Convenience functions for strings.

Imagine keeps the contexts that define your domain and business logic.

The Accounts context.

User - for authentication, authorization, auditing

The CmsPages context.

CMS Page (versioned, parent-child tree) has_many objects, tags, sub_pages belongs_to cms_template, parent

CmsPageObject - holds the actual content of CmsPage See the View and Edit render helpers to see how these are manipulated.

CmsPageTag - simple string tags attached to pages

CmsPageVersion - a single version of CmsPage

The CmsTemplates context.

CmsSnippet - like templates, but used for smaller bits of code. Often used within templates.

CmsSnippetVersion - a single version of CmsSnippet

CMS Template (versioned)

CmsTemplateVersion - a single version of CmsTemplate

Defines CMS template helpers like text_editor in Edit mode (i.e. editor controls)

Defines CMS template helpers like text_editor in View mode (i.e. the rendered output)

ReleaseTasks - allows us to run database migrations in production without Mix

The entrypoint for defining your web interface, such as controllers, views, channels and so on.

Conveniences for translating and building error messages.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Live View implementation for cms page column browser

Auth plug - looks up user based on session[:user_id] and sets conn.assigns[:current_user]

EnsureUser plug - redirects to login if conn.assigns[:current_user] is not present

SetManageLayout plug - sets root layout to manage.html

Module with named helpers generated from ImagineWeb.Router.